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Welcome to Botanix Nature Resort, a fun filled nature camp for enthusiastic adventurous kids falling under the age category 8 to 16 years. Best opportunity for Children to experience camping and explore wildlife at its best. Camp site is amidst the ever green 40 acre Nature Sanctuary, Dum Duma vicinity. Parents may opt for 4 days fast track camps or 8 days relax camps. Our aim is to inculcate deep, lifelong love towards wildlife in the hearts of young children so that they urge to save wildlife as future citizens of the planet.

1. Empathy


2. Compassion


3. Social & Environmental concern

Social & Environmental concern

4. Survival Camping & Cooking

Survival Camping & Cooking

5. Leadership & Confidence

Leadership & Confidence Building Fun Games

6. Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

7. Swimming Pool With Water Fall

Swimming Pool With Water Fall

8. Conflict-Resolution


Programme Details:

  • YDP Timeline: 1-2-3 days
  • No of Programme: 04 per month.
  • AGE GROUP: 10-18yrs
  • Place: Botanix / Damdama (Gurgaon)

Outcome: :

We can help you select and plan an activity for your people that will be a fun filled experience and would offer an excellent means of improving morale or team communication within a group. Generally speaking our clients report the following outcomes

  • Increased cohesion and camaraderie among participants - a strong sense of team
  • The high impact learning environment promotes specific skills, knowledge and values that are retained over time
  • Learning is powerfully applied in the work place

Programme Start-Up:

  • Through-out Year.

Programme Start-Up:

  • Experienced & Renowned in their Field.

Trainer's Profile:

  • Experienced & Renowned in their Field.

Package Price :

  • On Request.
  • Ask for Package : +91 9818658609

Package Includes:

  • Accommodation
  • All meals
  • Youth programme & Trainer cost and Tax only.